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your hospitality business

Are you interested in kickstarting your hospitality business or complementing your current offering? Let's do it together! We have introduced ÖÖD Partnership and ÖÖD Franchise Model just for that.

We are actively searching for landowners and hospitality business operators across Europe and beyond who share our vision and passion for creating unique, nature-centric experiences.

ÖÖD Partnership

Are you looking for ways to complement your existing business? Perhaps attract a different clientele? Offer a new experience? Captivate your audience? Upgrade your product? Then ÖÖD Partnership Model is made for you.

Ideal for existing hospitality operators who have land and operate the Houses, ÖÖD finances the Mirror House to the location in return for a revenue share. A great, investment-light way to generate additional income and support your existing business, be it a destination restaurant, scenic golf club, vineyard, countryside estate, or farm. Any partnership must be a win-win, and we provide our full support through our branding, platform, and central marketing, in addition to operational guidance and support.

ÖÖD Franchise

Are you looking to kickstart your hospitality business with complete confidence? The ÖÖD Franchise Model is ideal for private landowners who want to generate additional income with a proven business model. The franchisees will buy the ÖÖD House and operate under the ÖÖD Hötels brand. We actively support franchisees with central marketing, branding, and operational support in return for an ongoing franchise fee. A great way to build your business and be a part of our brand and journey!

Land & permit to install ÖÖD Mirror Houses
Daily operations
Existing hospitality business & clients
Business model fee
30% - 36%
Cost of ÖÖD Mirror Houses
Free of charge
From 65 000 EUR
Shipping and installation by ÖÖD
Sales and marketing support by ÖÖD
Knowledge sharing and support by ÖÖD
Additional values
Become a part of ÖÖD branding & platform
Competitive platform fees
Hotel supplies starter package

API Connection

If your company is currently employing or considering the implementation of third-party PMS or Channel Manager software, it is essential to ensure that our system can seamlessly integrate with your chosen software. We have established partnerships with a range of providers that we are currently connected to, and we continuously expand our network by adding new partners.

Please inform us about the software you are utilizing by emailing us at info@oodhotels.com, and we will promptly provide you with further details.

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