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"It's not just an overnight stay - it's an experience"

The roots

When it comes to great inventions, there seems to be a formula consisting of necessity and vision, both born from personal experience. Growing up immersed in nature, Jaak and Andreas Tiik knew first hand what it really meant to get lost and found between the wild rivers, bogs and woodlands of Estonia. As it turns out, this rare gift of experiencing the bounty of a country covered over 50% by a blanket of forest would later on find itself the sole inspiration behind ÖÖD.

During a weekend hike, the two brothers wanted to elevate their trip with an overnight stay, but without the typical one-size-fits-all hotel experience. They wanted something different - something that would not cut them off from a natural experience, yet give a sense of comfort and relaxation like no other. Outdated log cabins in short of light and spirit just didn’t cut it any longer and surely there were many nature aficionados on the same thought-frequency. This particular realisation inspired them to intertwine the yearning for nature, seclusion and rest into one unique whole - a type of accommodation that would not only change the way people experience nature, but also change the industry.

The visionaries

ÖÖD House is a family-owned mirror house production company founded in 2016 by Jaak and Andreas Tiik. The duo went on to grow ÖÖD Hötels out of the same production company in 2018.

The engine behind ÖÖD is its team consisting of like-minded individuals who have been active in the field of construction for more than 19 years. An impressive number representing dedication and in-depth knowledge and understanding of what it really means to live in harmony with nature.

For more about ÖÖD, please visit oodhouse.com

The vision

During the first operational years, our extensive client base received their ÖÖD Houses all around the globe, reaching from the peaks and nooks of Iceland to California and Ghana. A diverse range of climates illustrating how our award-winning houses have been engineered to withstand some of the world’s most extreme weather conditions. Today the houses reflect the multi-faceted terrains of the Mexican Yucatan jungle, the lush Green Mountains of Vermont and the foothills of the great Tustnastabben in Norway. Our list continues as far as the eye can see and beyond.

The unique ÖÖD mirror houses are not only bold and exquisite to the eye. They are built for practicality and comfort, making the smallest of details thoroughly thought-out for a smooth stay with no strings attached. Yet what truly sets them apart from any other vacation house is the breathtaking 180-degree floor-to-ceiling glass facade that seamlessly integrates the natural surroundings for an experience that triggers your wanderlust abundantly. The architectural value of the mirror houses is purposefully hidden in its near invisible design in order for the environment as well as scenery to be left visually unpolluted. Engineering made to stand the test of time, creating a visually non-existent footprint - a philosophy that has been our lighthouse since the very beginning.

The values


ÖÖD travellers take the road less travelled. Rather than simply looking for an overnight stay, they search for connection, meaning and intention in each step of the way. There is nothing traditional about the ÖÖD ways. It is about retreating from the everyday, but not forgetting the roots. On the contrary, it is a delicate lean back to the roots in an unconventional way and disconnecting to connect in order to gain what has been lost. Be it peace, a sense of self or time. A simple and quiet luxury, rich in experience.


Created in a land of meandering beauty, Estonia serves as an everlasting inspiration and foundation for the ÖÖD Houses. The evergreens and almost mythical landscapes serve as a symbol of standing still in the increasing pace of the world. Seamlessly blending into the surrounding environment, the design reflects the many faces of flora and fauna, letting each separate place thrive in its own beauty and creation. Never minding the weather or season.


When planning new locations and sites, we stay off the beaten track. This core value guarantees the quiet solitude of nature, away from neighbours and any synthetic noises, excluding the occasional visit from a wild deer or nightingale. In order to really give privacy a run for its meaning, the houses have on-site self check-ins. Most of the ÖÖD houses are WIFI-free, not the other way around, in order to stay off the radar and get carried away with what the great outdoors really has to offer. You may even learn a birdsong or two.

Business opportunity

ÖÖD has started to roll out the ÖÖD Partnership and ÖÖD Franchise Model to address private landowners who seek to operate the houses, and who are interested in an investment-light way to kickstart their hospitality business.

Partnership Model

With ÖÖD Partnership Model we address existing hospitality operators who are interested in complementing their current offering and generating additional income in an “investment-light” way. Quite simply, the partners have land and operate the houses, while ÖÖD provides the Mirror Houses in return for a revenue share.

Franchise Model

With ÖÖD Franchise Model we offer private landowners the opportunity to kickstart their own hospitality businesses. In the ÖÖD Franchise model, the franchisees will buy the ÖÖD house and operate the house under the ÖÖD Hötels brand. ÖÖD will actively support the franchisees with central marketing and branding in return for an ongoing franchise fee.

For more information, please contact us at info@oodhouse.com

The team

Daniel Fanselow
Head of Hotel Development

Brigita Valdmaa
Head of Hotel Operations

Janeli Salem
Customer Support / Operations Specialist

Anne Kiilaspää
Administrative Manager