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Explore ÖÖD at Versso Island!

Experience an authentic Finnish adventure in the charming Municipality of Pyhtaa, just a little over an hour's drive to the east of Helsinki. Nestled on the sandy shores of Versso Island, amidst an expansive pine forest, ÖÖD at Versso Island offers the perfect escape from the city, with dramatic rock formations and breathtaking views of the Gulf of Finland.

Our focus here is on providing nature-centric, picturesque, private, and often remote getaways. The goal is to disconnect, quite literally, and then reconnect—with your natural surroundings and your loved ones — without compromising on your comfort.

What's included

Each ÖÖD house is thoughtfully equipped with all modern conveniences, including a private sauna, a cozy double bed, a kitchenette, a living area, and a bathroom with a shower — all with stunning views! The only intentionally excluded modern amenity is Wi-Fi, allowing you to fully immerse in the experience and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Unique design

Featuring four distinct houses, each is designed with a unique MARIMEKKO theme, specially curated for ÖÖD. This collection includes timeless classics and signature designs by the renowned Finnish design house.


The location along the bay is perfect for swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking, and even fishing. On land, you can explore scenic hiking trails in undisturbed nature and savor the beauty of all four seasons.

The surroundings

The moment you step inside, you'll be enveloped by your surroundings, seamlessly merging with them while cocooned in comfort. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat, a romantic getaway, or an active outdoor adventure, ÖÖD at Versso Island has something for everyone. Immerse yourself in nature, the sea, saunas, BBQs, and numerous thoughtful touches that remind you of your unique location.

Getting there

Reaching ÖÖD at Versso Island is convenient, whether by road, just an hour's drive from Helsinki, or by private boat. Additionally, private plane or helicopter access is available from Helsinki East Aerodrome, located less than 15 minutes from Versso.


At ÖÖD in Versso, we offer two pet-friendly accommodations - Räsymätto and Tiiliskivi. Your furry friend is invited to stay with you; however, please be attentive to them, considering the presence of other guests in nearby cabins who may have concerns or allergies related to animals.

Due to high seasonality check working hours beforehand.


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House rules

Treat this home as if it was your own
Pets are allowed
Do not throw cigarette butts into the indoor waste bin - use the outdoor bin for that
No parties allowed
No smoking indoors
No unregistered guests. No overnight visitors



Paikka oli sitä mitä kuvissa ja tiedoissa luki. Lähes täysi kymppi. Pari pikku toivetta jatkoa ajatellen: lisää koukkuja pyyhkeille ja saunaan yksi porras lisää, nyt oli tosi korkea nousu ja hieman jännitti osuuko peffa kiukaaseen koska ei ollut kaidetta.
Mika February 2024
Our staying in Räsymatto was as excellent as our previous staying in Laheranna last summer. The mirror house is lovely, the equipping perfect for two people for one night, every aspect of staying seemed to be thought through. Only two things could be made better: 1. in otherwise splendid sauna, there should be either a stool or hand grip to get up to the bench in an easier way, and 2. above the bed, there should be small shelves for eyglasses and other small things needed during the night. But as said, the experience was anyway excellent, and if you make those two improvements until our next visit, it will be even more excellent.
Osmo February 2024
The place and setting were absolutely wonderful. Really got to disconnect. Not really to blame. I f you could wish for something, breakfast delivered would be a great addition.
Matias February 2024


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  • Cancellation less than 7 days before your arrival is not refundable.

NB! Refund will be transferred to the payment account within 5-10 business days.

* Please note that in case of cancellation, a transaction fee of 3% of the booking amount will be charged.

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ÖÖD at Versso - RÄSYMATTO (New)

Island Sauna

Nestled on the sandy shores of Versso Island, amidst an expansive pine forest, ÖÖD at Versso Island offers the perfect escape from the city, with dramatic rock formations and breathtaking views of the Gulf of Finland.


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